Ewell & Stoneleigh Connection

Ewell and Stoneleigh Connection is a free monthly magazine circulated to homes and businesses in the area.
June: Sky-blue Veins
There are child-like moments where suddenly I can be engrossed in something, something so small, compared to the size of the world, yet so beautiful, and which in that instant has become magnified.
As a child, it might have been leaves turning from spring green to burnished red, crows dunking Nan's heavy fruit cake in the bird bath, or an army of ants on the march with some procured treasure. Fascinated as I was, I was also drawn to destruction, a what would happen if I did this: block the entrance to the ants' home, tip the bird bath water away, consume the dog's chocolate buttons. And by the way, nothing untoward occurred regarding the latter, except I found the buttons quite tasty, not quite chocolate but tasty. I was a strange child.
These days the moments that make me stop are fewer, yet are likely to be just as sudden. The eye alights on an unrecorded detail, a natural sound reaches the ear amidst town noise, the nose hit by an unknown fragrance. A crow mimics a mobile phone ring tone or the beep-beep of a reversing van, a trio of parakeets toot as they fly past in a flash of green, and gulls cry where is the sea; fluffy clouds in a sea of sky with metal birds, the sun casting patterns on the ceiling, and even the sky-blue of my dilated veins.

Picture credit: Grandfather's Hands, P R Francis