Ewell & Stoneleigh Connection

Ewell and Stoneleigh Connection is a free monthly magazine circulated to homes and businesses in the area.

December: Lace-curtain Wings
There comes a sudden brake to childhood, and yet my memories then are stronger than of any other time. Or is it happening – I'm getting older and those far-away days are getting clearer and more poignant? The fun you had then was more innocent, or at least there was still some degree of that in my day, I'm not sure about now. The simplest things gave the most joy: sliding down bannisters, putting on garden plays, making tents using blankets and furniture, running through sprinklers and rolling down hills, though I can't imagine doing the latter today. Headstands and cartwheels, and country dancing with boys who were made to hold hands.
Where does this exuberance, this fearlessness go? Surely, it's not just present because the ground, at that time, is closer, and yet as you grow in inches as well as experience it gets tempered or replaced by a more adult-like caution.
Gone then, are the mud pies and red-and-yellow plastic tea-sets; gone, has the time to craft tea-stained maps to buried treasure or to paddle at low tide in an inflatable row-boat before going home via the Troll-inhabited alleyways. But the imaginativeness of that play has, I'm grateful to say, not entirely deserted me, though the willingness to enthusiastically engage in it has. It's all in the mind now, and in that mind, more often than not, I'm an angel with lace-curtain wings.