Ewell & Stoneleigh Connection

Ewell and Stoneleigh Connection is a free monthly magazine circulated to homes and businesses in the area.
October: Flee-full
Go on, throw your hat in the ring. No, I have my pride. And I've done it countless times before. Revisited an opportunity if it's become again, for one reason or another, vacant, or applied to a new one advertised within the same company, only to be turned away. Nicely turned away, but still. And why do recruiters tell you they've retained your CV when it's not in the slightest bit true? Why leave you with even a glimmer of (future) hope? In this instance, I'd rather they were brutal, then think well, at least they liked me, that's something. It's so crushing if you were genuinely interested and got a good 'feel' for the place, the people, in the little you saw or took in. That feedback has never been wrong; my dismissal of it, on too many times, proved it was correct. So why didn't I, don't I, listen? Because, well, I often think its clearly-imparted advice is a just a case of nerves. My instantaneous reaction is always to flee, which curiously contains all the same letters as 'feel'. Are these four-lettered words plotting against me? Determined to keep me permanently circling? And not only that, turning down anything that's offered brings on a sort of Catholic guilt, which, if not overridden, makes you go against your instinct that it's not right or that any involvement you may have will end in tears.