Ewell & Stoneleigh Connection

Ewell and Stoneleigh Connection is a free monthly magazine circulated to homes and businesses in the area.
August: Self-Sabotage
We're all, I'm sure in our own ways, masters and mistresses of self-sabotage, even of pulling strings to believe it's been done to us, we are not the cause. A few of us will admit to it, others know but prefer to lay blame elsewhere, whereas those that are stubborn refuse to see they played any part in weakening their previously strong position.
It's a flaw that nobody wants because it goes against survival since you're both the opponent and the defender, or in some cases the reigning champion. Why would you do it to yourself? Smash the sandcastle you so carefully built with the plastic spade before the waves come to erode its turrets and walls? I know some who would argue this kind of destruction is better then witnessing anything outside yourself tear it down, be it a bigger kid, an incautious adult, a capering dog with the wind in his tail, or natural phenomena, as then the act is one of love, a self-preservation. You've brought it down before anybody else could as that would destroy you more.
And that's if you've got thus far. I never get to that stage: disassembling a whole castle because mine are usually made of air - they drift away before assuming a solid shape – and match my moods which are fleeting. The impulse that grabs me later regretted; the goal, inches from my grasp, lustreless.